Clifton Police Chase Down, Tackle Ex-Con With Loaded Gun

NJ Bail Reform – BREAKING from Clifton !


“CLIFTON, N.J. — Clifton police investigating a burglary report found an ex-con carrying a loaded gun in his backpack, authorities said Monday.”

ZERO Accountability
ZERO Supervision
ZERO Bail…just a “pinky promise”

“Twitty saw Detectives John Kavakich and Samuel Arnowitz and took behind CP’s Deli into the wooded area near Bridewell Place, Bracken said.”

“As he ran, Twitty tossed the backpack over a fence, the lieutenant said.”

“The detectives tackled Twitty moments later, then found the loaded weapon in the bag.”

“Twitty was released without bail from the Passaic County Jail on Saturday following a bail hearing, records show.”

You’ve been LIED to New Jersey…NJ Bail Reform is RECKLESS, DANGEROUS, and YOU are PAYING for it.

* All Defendants have been confirmed released by the County on Own Recognizance or by Court Order *

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Clifton Police Chase Down, Tackle Ex-Con With Loaded Gun

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